How To Build A Deck


Max’s Woodworking Plans Review | Joe’s Deck Plans Review

My name is Joe Sandy and I’ve been in the woodworking trades for over 15 years. Although I’m a trained and skilled cabinetmaker, I have been involved in many types of woodworking and carpentry projects through the years.

First, if you are looking for information about building or designing a deck or general woodworking, my advice is to join some groups anywhere in social media, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and get involved in asking questions. There are always people in these types of groups who are more than happy to help solve problems you may have regarding a deck building or woodworking project.

Too many people will just jump right in and start trying to nail boards together without having the slightest clue as to how to proceed. The results… sometimes disastrous. Other times, glorious… but needing to be torn down when the building inspector drops by for a visit.

Hey, it’s happened to me in the past and I wish now that there had been online groups to join when I was starting.